Thursday, January 5, 2012

How do you make ideas real with SketchUp?

Every week, two million people use SketchUp to breathe life into their ideas. The resulting 3D models get made into houses and schools, movie sets and aquariums, bridges, robots, and furniture. The sum total of all this work represents a larger, yet untold story of how the SketchUp community is profoundly shaping the world around us.
Well, it’s time for all you unsung SketchUp heroes to stand up and take a bow, so today, we’re kicking off the Make Ideas Real project. The result of this initiative will be an innovative, online showcase that does justice to the impact SketchUp users are having on the physical world.


Hundreds of inspiring images of SketchUp models

To see some of the beautiful things people all over the world are doing with SketchUp, click on some of the links below.

Architecture & Design Digital Entertainment
Commercial Interiors
Kitchen, Bath and Interior Design
Landscape Architecture
Planning & Urban Design
Construction & Engineering Education
K-12 Education
Higher Education

See your work in our Gallery
Here's your chance for everlasting SketchUp glory! To contribute to our Gallery:Fill out our form and click submit to get started.

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