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Dynamic Architecture

David Fisher : Dynamic Architecture - The Vision (2008). 

"Since the dawn of humanity man has seeked to exceed the limits of previous generations. The achievement of new limits in Architecture has been written in history as a reminder to new generations: humanity has to pursue virtue and knowledge. New limits and prospects are now opened: buildings are now able to change their shape and be part of environment. This is the era of Dynamic Architecture" David Fisher Architect (Florence - Italy).

Dynamic space - The birth of the idea.

The idea was somehow part of my architectural beliefs following years of research on technology of construction, human and social aspects. "Architecture part of nature" is a concept that I always carried with me: Buildings that adjust to life, to our needs, to our moods.

The inspiration, however, arrived at a precise moment in December 2004, when I was watching the view from the Olympic Tower in NYC, on 51st and 5th. I noticed that from a certain spot you could see the East River and the Hudson River, both sides of Manhattan... That is when I thought to myself: "Why don't we rotate the entire floor? That way, everybody can see both the East River and the Hudson River, as well as Saint Patrick's Cathedral!".

That is how I got inspired to create the building that changes its shape continuously.

But it really all started during my childhood, when I used to watch every evening the sun set over the Mediterranean. The huge red sun would slowly fall into the water, signaling that one day was over and another was about to begin. This aspect of motion and its relation to the dimension of time always intrigued me.

When I grew up and became an architect I understood that an architect should design buildings that adjust to life. They should adapt to our space, our functionalities and our needs that change continuously - and even to our sense of beauty, itself in continuous motion.

These are the first buildings to have a fourth dimension: Time.
This is the new philosophy of dynamic buildings, adjusting to sunrise and sunset, to the wind and to the view - thus becoming part of nature.

I call these buildings "Designed by Time, Shaped by Life".

Dynamic science - Dynamic science venture.

Dynamic Towers are a proof, for those who had any doubts, that everything is possible.

David Fisher, the inventor and the architect, had decided during the first few stages of the design development, to bring to the building all kinds of technologies, from diverse scientific sectors, in order to materialize his dream. In such way, the towers will become a container of new and future technologies, thus provoking research and becoming a vehicle of innovation, accelerating our path towards the future.

Indeed, Dynamic takes the opportunity to create a movement for integrated research and innovation. We intend to open the door to young people who come up with ideas, students asking for information to carry out their research, scientists and people who have any doubts that everything is possible and would like to know more - we intend to create this global movement of integrated multidisciplinary research called Dynamic Science

David Fisher - Dynamic Architecture - From Vision to Reality (2010)

Dynamic revolutions.

After thousands of years in which buildings were static, David Fisher's Dynamic Skyscraper is an important step ahead towards Future Architecture. The Rotating Tower brings three main futuristic aspects, three revolutions.

The first revolutionary aspect is related to the shape of the building, which changes continuously. It is "Architecture as Part of the Environment", adjusting to the sun and the wind, to the view and to our momentary requirements. Each floor, in fact, can rotate separately, changing every second the shape of the building. You can therefore wake up with the sun rising into your bedroom and enjoy the sunset over the ocean at dinner time. The Rotating Skyscraper takes on shapes imposed by time and life, never appearing the same in any two given moments. It is the first building to have four dimensions: Designed by Time, Shaped by Life.

The second revolution that the Dynamic Skyscraper brings is the method of construction. To this futuristic design solution, David Fisher has added another unique innovation: Prefabrication. It is in fact the first building produced in a factory, giving construction a new industrial approach. The entire building, aside from the concrete core, is made of prefabricated units which arrive to the construction site completely finished, including flooring, water piping, air conditioning and all finishes. These units, made of steel, aluminium, carbon fibre and other high quality modern materials, are installed "mechanically" on site, offering luxury finishing, very fast construction time, usage of a limited number of workers, thus reducing site risks and enabling cost savings. The building, made of single separate floors, is structurally sound and flexible at the same time, being of very high seismic resistance.

The third revolution is born from combining technology and luxury with environment. The skyscraper's wind turbines, positioned horizontally between each floor, and solar ink on its many roofs will produce energy making the tower the first self-powered building. Thus the Rotating Tower, a unique architectural solution, becomes also a "power station" producing green energy for the city.

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