Thursday, January 31, 2013

SoftPlan, Solutions for Architects

SoftPlan gives you the power to:

• Create impeccable construction documents
• Create high-quality 3D renderings
• Import/export to AutoCAD®
• Import content from Google SketchUp®
• Automatically generate REScheck™ energy reports
• Rely on SoftPlan's BIM and parametric capabilities  

The Fastest Way to Design

SoftPlan combines maximum automation and timesaving tools to eliminate the repetitive tasks that conventional CAD packages require. While you are drawing a floor plan, SoftPlan is storing all of the information in a virtual model. This BIM model is used to automatically create construction documents, 3D renderings, and materials lists.
Unsurpassed Accuracy
No other CAD program allows you to create more accurate construction documents. SoftPlan is a program that won't hold you back with complicated workarounds and cumbersome software.
Improve Client Relations
Communicate more effectively with clients using SoftPlan's advanced 3D capabilities. Whether it's creating early-stage stylistic renderings or giving clients 3D walkthroughs of the structure, your clients can be part of the design process, giving you the competitive edge among other architects.
Survey of Architects
A survey was conducted of professional architects who use SoftPlan to find out their level of satisfaction with the program. We were very pleased with the results and think you will find the survey helpful in evaluating SoftPlan’s potential to serve your software needs as an architect.
Background information from architects that were surveyed:
  • 45% of the architects surveyed formerly used an Autodesk® product for their drawing creation (AutoCAD®, LT, ADT, Revit) 
  • 68% of their work is residential (on average) 
  • 52% are AIA members 
When asked why they choose SoftPlan:
  • 95% said they were looking for something easier to use 
  • 96% said they were looking for faster creation of construction documents 
  • 40% said they were looking to lower the per seat design software cost
When asked if SoftPlan had met their expectations:
  • 94% expectations were met in ease of use 
  • 96% expectations were met in fast construction documents 
  • 100% expectations were met in ease of drawing revisions 
  • 90% said SoftPlan improved their customer’s experience 
And the most important statistic of all:
  • 91% would recommend SoftPlan to other architects 

Read more at the website of SoftPlan [Click Here]

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