Sunday, March 3, 2013

17 Fantastic Sketchup Plugins, Bundled into one for your easy use

( -- We have been using sketchup more and more often, we we always feel there is a lack of proper tools, especially where freeform design is concerned. This is true even for the pro version. Luckily, Sketchup is open source in that in allows ruby script by unapproved 3rd parties to be added onto the software. This enables some incredible applications. For a list of the scripts we’ve taken and merged, and examples please refer to and respect the original authors, listed here. We also added the DXF/STL import export tools formerly posted/created by Jim, which no longer have an original url on the web.

MEGA sketchup pack r1 (Download Klik Disini) :
  • Consider backing up your entire sketchup plugin folder first
  • To use these files, simple unzip the main file into your sketchup plugins folder, and reload sketchup.
  • Reload sketchup.
  • Two scripts were left optional for you to extract yourself:
  • Organize your new toolbox.
Contoh Plugin : Joint push/pull

Untuk melihat contoh plugin lainnya KLIK DISINI to look for great guides and example :)


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