Saturday, March 2, 2013

SketchUp Plug-in for 4D scheduling

In recent years 3D modeling and 4D scheduling & visualization play an important role to facilitate the complex phase of the construction project. SketchUp is a useful tool that can be applied to visualize any construction process efficiently. It facilitates the project managers to detect the delays and inaccuracies earlier. 4D modeling merges 3D drawings with a construction schedule and presents the sequence of construction over time.

There are several plug-in which are compatible with SketchUp to provide better construction scheduling.

Synchro: It is a 4D application (the last D being the “time” dimension) which is utilized to make building projects and schedule them simultaneously. This is useful to find out the parts of the building designs in 3 dimensional view and scrutinize advancement and schedules on each section. Synchro adjoins scheduling to Google SketchUp and convert Google SketchUp from 3D to 4D.

The users can assign human resources, costs, and materials to the building pieces, in 3D. This can monitor the development of the construction in a superior and efficient way without any problems.

Synchro project constructor: It is a plug-in for Google SketchUp which can work as a scheduling and project controlling tool for visualizing how construction phases will take place. Synchro Project Constructor is purposely intended to work with SketchUp models.

It's a lower-cost, standalone application and a full scheduling and project controlling tool compatible with SketchUp to be applied for inserting a chronological dimension to their project planning and design. Synchro Project Constructor incorporates models/3D drawing from SketchUp and then coordinates them with a project timeline on a spreadsheet. This lead to a visual and spatial illustration of construction as it takes places during time.

Synchro Project Constructor is a 4D application that lets you manage a 3D model in time. It's a scheduling tool for visualizing how construction phases will occur. Basically, different parts of your model exist at different points on a timeline, and you can show and hide those parts depending on when you are.
With this plug-in the project managers can be benefitted by acquiring geometry from SketchUp into Synchro with a characteristic ID attached to each component. Project Managers can easily adjust their SketchUp models and port those adjustments reverse to Synchro at the same time as performing repeatedly on designs.

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