Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Disaster Prevention Education Center Istanbul


The rich culture of Turkey includes a monument to human achievement, invention, and practicality - a site called Cappadocia. More than two thousand years ago, the people of the region sought a strong, permanent and imposing shelter. Inspired by the natural geological formations in the region which withstood all natural on sloughs, the people carved and “engineered” homes and public spaces within those natural rock formations. They did this with such skill and esthetics that it still echoes today with vibrancy and life.

This is the inspiration for our “ROCK-SETTE” as fulfillment of its functional requirements. There are also two significant additions to the site which reflect in its architectural vocabulary - the tracks of the nearby metro station to the east and the creek to the south. The reflection of their smooth curvilinear lines expresses by their intersection and interaction a direction and accelerated form change. The north-south orientation of the extended site has a drop off of about two meters which allows the building to naturally blend with its environment in a sustainable way. The edifice is also oriented and composed to get the best of the natural resources that the site offers.

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