Wednesday, May 14, 2014

3skeng - 3D conceptual engineering

Innovative engineering software for SketchUp

3skeng* is the Engineering extension for Trimble SketchUp. If you like SketchUp you will like 3skeng. This extension is as intuitive as SketchUp and phenomenal easy to learn. 3skeng has a large professional functional range:

3skeng is a product in the field of 3D CAD, MEP, and 3D piping and steel structure. Are you an engineer, planner, HVAC installer or pipe fitter, architect working in the building technology-, waste water-, electronics-, oil-, semiconductor-, solar-, opto-electronics-, energy-, chemical-, life science-, petrochemical-, water treatment-, food-, biochemical-, pharmaceutical-, ship building-industry.

Is design, engineering or installation of piping-, steelwork-, tray- mounting-, ventilation-, or exhaust systems part of your work? If any of this applies to you, 3skeng is most likely the best choice for you.

* 3skeng (speak “3” as the number three from 3D add “sk” as the first three letters from SketchUp and add “eng” and pronounce as the first syllable from “Engineering”.

Download [ CLICK HERE

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