Thursday, May 1, 2014

Plugin : Animate Sections

The animate sections plugin automates the functioning of the application of the animating sections to the groups. Its Size is 9.99 KB. The version of the animate sections plugin is Animate Sections 1.1; April 3, 2014. It comes under the category of the Animation and the Productivity.

The SketchUp Compatibility of this tool is with the SketchUp 2014. When we talk about the OS Compatibility, it is compatible with the Mac OS X and the Windows. Its guideline and instructions are available in the language of the English.

The users can apply its sections in 2 ways. These ways are the "Animate UP" and the "Animate by Vector".

The Animate UP can handle with all the groups which have been selected and then can apply the sections to each group. This will make the sections to get animated in the upward direction. The Animate by the Vector can take a single selected group and then can apply the sections in any of the ends of the line of the vector. This will help the users to cut the section in any of the directions. It will place all the sections in the layers by the animated names which will be provided by the user.


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