Thursday, June 12, 2014

Plugin : Product Connect for Google SketchUp

The Product Connect plugin is a suite of tools that are simple and intuitive, just like SketchUp. Designers using SketchUp use Product Connect to find real product models, access key product information and create organized product reports. With Product Connect its possible to design smarter, earlier in the design process.

Over 2 million people use SketchUp every week to sell design ideas and turn them into real projects. SketchUp is especially popular during the initial stages of the design process when customers and stakeholders are still experimenting with ideas - including product and material selections. 

For example : TruStile Doors

We recently created 44 Dynamic Component TruStile door models and uploaded them to the 3D Warehouse. Each model allows you to specify Door Height, Width & Thickness, Material and Sticking Style. To access these dynamic options:

1) Right-click on the door and select the option for Dynamic Components > Component Options:

2) Make selections in the Component Options dialog:

3) Then click “Apply” to see the changes:


The report contains all product information and specifications and can be viewed or edited in your favorite spreadsheet application.

If you need to move outside of SketchUp to specify your doors, TruStile has you covered with 2D CAD files, Revit files and Architectural Specifications to help you get the job done.

Register to download Product Connect for SketchUp plugin [ Click Here ]

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