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Learn all about green roof professional

Green roof professional as can be inferred from its name, involve planting on top of a roof using special methods which we shall discuss later. A roof may be planted completely or partially, but the most important condition that needs to be available is a water proofing- membrane to avoid damage to the roof and the building as a whole.

We hereby must note that plantation in pots isn’t considered a form of green pots. The types of green roofs are intensive, semi intensive, and extensive. They are classified according to the depth, and the reparation they need.

Intensive roofs bear, on average a weight of 390–730 kg/m2 while extensive roofs bear, on average a weight of 50–120 kg/m2 , and semi intensive somewhere in between. The average cost of an intensive system is $355–2368/m2, while that of an extensive system costs $108–248/m2.


This cost is for primary establishment. But the cost of reparation is around one third of the aforementioned amount. It has many advantages and quite a few disadvantages; the advantages are countless, starting by absorbing excess rainwater. It can also relieve stress, as it provides a natural outstanding landscape in the neighborhood.

It is also a source of oxygen through the famous photosynthesis process. In addition to filtering the rain from the heavy metals which pollute it, it protects the building from extreme hot or cold conditions. It absorbs sound waves and creates a barrier to avoid noise pollution.

The disadvantages are mainly economical, the initial cost of establishment of a green roof is double that of an ordinary roof. The building on which a green roof is established needs special requirements in order to bear the extra weight, which makes its installation on average buildings usually impossible.

The steps are rather simple:
1) Making sure the roof can bear plant life; can bear the weight.
2) Adding drainage as excess water might cause serious damage to the building.
3) Making the roof waterproof, to avoid possible collapse or corruption
4) Adding the soil, which should be a mixture of organic and inorganic soil.
It is also preferable to be light-weighed.
5) Adding the plants.
6) Installing an irrigation system.

Projects Examples : 
Green Roof Art School in Singapore
Sky Garden house
Green-Roofed School Blends Into the Environment
The Green School In Stockholm

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