Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Top 5 Free Architecture Rendering Tools

The functionality of SketchUp is enhanced when you use some finest rendering plugin. But among the huge choice of rendering plugins we are here choose the top 5 tools for your help.




Kerkythea is considered as the best free rendering plug-in for SketchUp. You can download the free versions for Windows Linux and Mac. It helps to turn the SkechUp model into the funky architectural render with less effort. This is so easy that it can be manageable for the first time users without any help of the manuals. To download and more info, please visit:

IDX Render:

For a perfect photorealistic render IDX render is the best choice. It export the .SKP file in certain file format the import into 3D program and helps to reset up the light and broken part of the model. To download and more info, please visit:


Shaderlight was introduced by Art VPS. It is one of the best rendering program available free of cost. It provides HD resolution rendering and the best part of it is that it is quite easy to use. To download and more info, please visit:


Another important free rendering plug in is Maxwell of Next Limit Technologies. This plug in completely integrates with SketchUp and helps you to have a seamless experience of rendering. To download and more info, please visit:


The retendering plug in named Brighter3D is a new addition to the list of free rendering engine of SketchUp. The latest version was release in August and has already gained immense popularity among the architectures worldwide who can not afford the commercial rendering engines. To download and more info, please visit:

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