Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Working with Site Modeling in SketchUp

Learn how to work with Site Modeling in SketchUp. This tutorial will demonstrate an architectural workflow on how to use Sketchup to build a context buildings.

This video describes an architectural workflow for using SketchUp to build a digital site model with context buildings, aerial imagery, and 3D terrain. It covers the following:

1) Scouting the site using Google Earth and Google Maps (starting at 00:35)
2) Bringing a geo-snapshot of your site into SketchUp (starting at 05:20)
3) Importing existing 3D buildings (starting at 07:30)
4) Modeling missing buildings from scratch (starting at 10:00)
5) Making massing model versions of the photo-textured buildings (starting at 16:30)
6) Tracing roads from the aerial photo (starting at 23:47)
7) Working with a site that isn't flat (starting at 34:17)
8) Creating a new ground plane and street name labels (starting at 42:05)
9) Creating utility scenes to show different versions of the model (starting at 50:23)

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