Sunday, April 23, 2017

Plug in : Creating 3D Cityscapes with SuPlaceMaker

Have you ever needed to create a 3D representation of your city? Perhaps you wanted to do a presentation on how your new store location will fit in with the downtown cityscape. This is where SuPlaceMaker can be helpful.
SuPlaceMaker is a Trimble SketchUp plugin that helps you to quickly create a 3D representation of any given location, selected from the built-in map.
Using this plugin can save you hours of work, and a mountain of stress.

The typical process of creating a 3D scene with this plugin is simple:

  • Select your location, and import it into SketchUp.
  • Load high resolution image data, giving you a crisp impression of your location.
    Chances are, the next thing you would want to see are the buildings in your chosen location. When you click the “Buildings” button, SuPlaceMaker loads 3D building data from Open Street Map (OSM) and creates the models for you in the correct positions.
  • You can import road data from OSM. These roads are created as 3D surfaces.
  • Where available, walking paths can also be imported, allowing you to have detailed 3D representation of walkways that do not normally show up on road maps.
  • Rivers and other waterways can also be imported, as well as trees and other vegetation.
Of course, you could go the easy route and allow SuPlaceMaker to import all this (excepting high quality imagery), but chances are you want to nitpick at the details.
All this 3D information can then be exported to Revit for Building Information Modeling (BIM), or even AutoCAD or 3DS Max.

There are many other features of SuPlaceMaker that I have not covered in detail, so check out the great collection of videos at suplacemaker website. The plugin can also be purchased directly from the site.
Overall, SuPlaceMaker is a great plugin for quickly modelling locations in 3D. After using it, you are sure to find it impossible to return to individual modelling of locations. See how this versatile plugin works out for you by visitingsuplacemaker site
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