Saturday, May 26, 2012

Download New Renditioner Pro v2

Professional Rendering for Google SketchUp
Renditioner Pro enables you to easily produce stunning photorealistic renderings of your Google SketchUp models. Renditioner Pro is the advanced version of Renditioner with more powerful capabilities, and print quality results. Launch directly from SketchUp and your model is automatically loaded.
“High Definition” Rendering
Renditioner Pro supports renderings up to 16 mega-pixels, for high quality results even with larger print sizes.

Save time by rendering only a selected area of your overall image with the Sub-Image Rendering tool.
High Performance Cameras and Lighting using HDR
High Dynamic Range (HDR) provides a greater range of tonal and contrast detail than ever before.
Extensive Libraries of Content
We’ve got you covered. Renditioner Pro offers a well organized library of over 150 materials, 72 finishes, 50, 2D and 3D bump maps, and 27, 2D and 3D backgrounds, all of which are easily applied by simply dragging and dropping them onto your model.
Easy User Interface with Tutorials Included
Effortlessly manipulate your SketchUp model with professional image controls that are intuitively organized into brief menus for easy access.

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