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Signature Tower : Gedung Setinggi 638 Meter Segera Dibangun di Jakarta

JAKARTA, -- Jakarta bakal memiliki gedung berlantai 111 setinggi 638 meter. Gedung yang diberi nama Signature Tower itu akan berlokasi di kawasan Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD), Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Jakarta.

Rencana pembangunan gedung itu ditandatangani di Las Vegas, Amerika Serikat (AS), 21 Mei 2012, antara PT Danayasa Arthatama Tbk, anak perusahaan Artha Graha Network dengan MGM Hospitality, Las Vegas.

Pihak Danayasa Arthatama dalam siaran pers yang diterima Kompas, Rabu (23/5/2012), menyebutkan bahwa gedung Signature Tower ini akan dimiliki dan dikembangkan oleh Danayasa Arthatama, yang selama ini merupakan pemilik dan pengelola SCBD. Sementara itu, MGM Hospitality akan ikut dalam pengelolaan pusat ritel dan pusat konvensi kelas dunia yang akan terdapat dalam Signature Tower.

Dalam penandatanganan antara pimpinan Artha Graha Network Tommy Winata dan Presiden MGM Hospitalty Gamal Aziz di Las Vegas itu, disepakati gedung Signature Tower akan dibangun tepat di tengah SCDB. Gedung itu akan menjadi gedung tertinggi kelima di dunia menurut catatan Council of Tall Building and Urban Habitat dari Illionis Institute of Technology, Chicago, AS.

Gedung tertinggi saat ini adalah Kingdom Tower di Jeddah, Arab Saudi, dengan ketinggian satu kilometer dan terdiri dari 156 lantai. Sebagai pembanding, Gedung Pteronas di Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, berada di urutan ke-31 gedung tertinggi dunia dengan ketingian 452 meter dan terdiri dari 88 lantai.

Di Signature Tower akan terdapat Bellagio Tower dengan 290 kamar pada lantai ke-20 ke atas yang akan dikelola MGM Hospitality. Pihak MGM juga akan mengelola hotel dan apartemen sebanyak 350 kamar. MGM juga akan mengelola pusat ritel dan pusat konvensi seluas 15.000 meter persegi, yang bisa menampung kegiatan bagi sekitar 6.000 orang.

Nilai investasi Signature Tower ini diperkirkana sekitar 2 miliar dollar AS atau hampir Rp 20 triliun.
Signature Tower diharapkan akan menjadi obyek wisata yang spektakuler baik bagi turis lokal maupun turis mancanegara. Konsultan berkelas dunia dan berpengalaman dalam pembanguna gedung-gedung tinggi (mega tall building) di dunia akan terlibat dalam pembangunan Signature Tower tersebut.


Signature Tower Jakarta celebrates the Indonesian spirit through the reinforcement of the date of the National Day of Independence,

17 August 1945, viewed on each façade of the tower. Visible during the day through the use of highly polished stainless-steel, 17 leaves
grow and blossom upward through the shaft of the tower.

At the crown, these 17 leaves are bound together by 8 louver grill elements, culminating to embrace a single 45 meter tall

spire: the 17th day of the 8th month in the 45th year.Central to the four building elevations of the crown, these elements

in turn are supported by 5 crystalline glass buds – accentuating the five principals of Pancasila – rising to support a single

central spire – the united Indonesian people. Hence the budding flower (Pancasila) spreading from all corners of the tower, spreading to all corners of Indonesia.

In the evening on national holidays, we envision the 17 leaves would be outlined with white LED lights, the supporting 8 louver grills up-lit in red light, the center glass buds back-lit in white light, and central spire illuminated with 45 red and white LED 

. During non-holidays, the lighting would be able to be changed to suit the particular occasion.


Separate monumental lobbies, in scale with the overall tower development, welcome Hotel Guests and Office Tenants at Ground Level. An exclusive banking hall fronts the main access to the office tower lifts, as well as act as a gateway into the retail portion of the podium. Access to the Observatory is via an experiential queuing and ticketing space at the Lower Ground Level.

Allowing it to operate at times when the retail mall is closed, segregated access is provided to an entertainment / restaurant area that is located on the roof of the podium, above the 5,000 square meter Function Space. An independent entrance allows guests to arrive at the Conference Center via dedicated lifts or escalators that travel within the perimeter of the podium glass wall, separated from the retail mall customers.

Exclusive retail space is organized around a larger, 4-story atrium, with expansion planning incorporated to accommodate future development of Lot 8.


The 111-story tower rises 638m above the ground plane to the top of the spire. The highest floor sits approximately 534.45m above the street entry. While a simple 60m by 60m square form dominates the planning of the tower, achieving an elegant aspect ratio of approximately 9:1, the tower facade steps to accentuate the different uses within the complex; i.e.: retail and convention at the base, office use through the shaft, and hotel use at the crown.

The regular form of the tower, with notched corners, provides a straight forward and efficient planning platform for tenants to utilize, including an average 13.5m clear depth from the core wall to the exterior curtain wall and opportunities for multiple corner offices on each level.

The structural approach utilizes a super-column and out-rigger arrangement, surrounding an inner core wall. It is anticipated the structural system will be based on composite steel and concrete.


The design places the iconic tower in the center of the SCBD development, allowing entry at the base of the tower on three sides as well as from the Retail Mall.The existing through road between Pacific Place (Lot 5) and the tower (Lot 6) becomes a public plaza providing a pedestrian entrance and connection between the developments. In addition to providing a public amenity, removing the through road eliminates a security concern regarding driving vehicles below the elevated retail pedestrian link.

A dedicated entrance for the hotel provides a security check for vehicles prior to approaching the tower. Traffic flow to the hotel is improved by being segregated from the retail mall and convention traffic. >Taxi drops for the Office, Retail, and Convention areas do not need to be screened as the taxi / auto drop offs are generally located a minimum of 15 meters from major structures and propose canopies from these drop offs to the tower entrance to provide pedestrian cover from the elements.

Building coverage is limited to less than 51% of the total site area, providing area for outdoor terraces and green space and encouraging a pedestrian-friendly environment. Landscaped plazas, incorporating water features, fountains, reflecting pools and public works of art would be accommodated. Achieving a 25% ‘true green’ area is accomplished through the use of pervious pavement and landscape techniques. The site is situated to process large crowds of visitors and including tour groups or school groups arriving to visit the tower. A Security Master Plan will be developed to address the specific security goals of the development. To support such a master plan, prior to entering the site, all vehicles are screened at security stations located a minimum of 15 meters from the building. Sufficient queuing space is provided for access into the basement parking.

To facilitate inter-connectivity with the adjoining developments, the 6-levels of basement parking for 3,000 automobiles is connected to the adjacent developments through tunnels below the surface streets. Exits are arranged so that users exiting the development through controlled points that do not cross the entry points for the site. Likewise, separate access and exits for service vehicles are provided. Once they arrive, pedestrians can walk along the complete exterior of the Signature Tower Jakarta development under cover without crossing vehicular traffic. In addition to the below-ground tunnels inter-connecting the other projects in the SCBD, tree-lined sidewalks flanking the public roadway facilitate walking between developments above ground.

Likewise, a retail connection to the existing Pacific Place Jakarta from Signature Tower Jakarta further supports the inter-connected living environment that is the SCBD

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