Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Introducing the Design Feed – AutoCAD WS 1.5 Available Now

The first thing you need to know is that the latest update for AutoCAD WS is available now.

You can download version 1.5 of the AutoCAD WS Mobile App now on the App Store or from Google Play. The web version of the app will be automatically updated the next time you log in with your browser at

The second thing you should know is that this is no ordinary update. We have taken the best things about the social web and infused them into the design process.  We recognized the need to provide tools that help you collaborate with your team on your own time in an intuitive and streamlined way.

With this new release we have added the Design Feed to both the mobile and the web app. The Design Feed is a major leap forward for AutoCAD WS giving users an in-drawing, interactive feed that enables context-specific posts and responses to turn your drawing into a living document.

Design Feed

Using the Design Feed you can attach a post to a specific point or area in your drawing to draw attention to a feature of your design and encourage discussion.

Your can target specific colleagues or friends with a post by tagging their email address. The people you tag will receive an automated email letting them know that the drawing has been shared with them and that a post has been created that requires their attention.

Add Photo

The latest release of AutoCAD WS allows users to add photos to their drawings. You can attach an image to your posts to provide clarity or to brainstorm ideas. You can place a photo anywhere in your drawing and move and resize it just like any other object.
You can also add an image to a post in the Design Feed to further illustrate your point and drive the discussion forwards.
For more information about the new Design Feed, watch our video below:

The latest update for AutoCAD WS has arrived.
Download it now on the App Store:
Download it now from Google Play:
Read the Design Feed tutorial here:

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