Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oscar Niemeyer, Bapak Arsitek Brazil meninggal dalam usia 104 tahun

Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, a pioneer in the use of reinforced concrete to produce soaring, curvaceous forms, died Wednesday, his doctors said. He was 104. Niemeyer, who won architecture's top award the Pritzker Prize in 1988, designed much of Brazil's capital city Brasilia. The father of Brazilian architecture revolutionised the field for his generation, leaving behind him more than 600 works in Brazil and across the world. [Sumber :]

Disainnya terinspirasi oleh kecantikan tubuh wanita

Oscar Niemeyers architectural aesthetic doesnt revolve around blueprints and by-the-book symmetry. Sometimes hell envision a project inside and out using only his intuition. In other instances, he begins an idea with a simple black and white sketch (in fact, his office holds a substantial archive full of sketches that have become realities).

Lihat tayangan video berikut :

Koleksi Photo-Photo Disain Oscar Niemeyer


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