Wednesday, June 26, 2013

ecoScorecard plugin for SketchUp

The SketchUp lovers can generate sustainable building design by adding environmental data to their SketchUp model. It can be applied for sustainable analysis and lead documentation. The ecoScorecard SketchUp plugin can also evaluate green building products in the model and instantly generate brief, precise and easy-to-use reports highlighting the performance of the products utilized in your project.

Search, choose and analyze your projects ecological impacts all through the design stage with ecoScorecard SketchUp Plugin approved collection of objects which can be acquired from Trimble’s® 3D Warehouse.

Download ecoScorecard for SketchUp
Download ecoScorecard for PC
Download ecoScorecard for MAC

ecoScorecard allows you to search our client’s product catalogue for a particular product, by environmental feature or by a third party evaluation, more info>>>

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