Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Plugin : Dynamic Components for SketchUp

Dynamic Components for SketchUp are 3d models which contain special attributes to enhance the functionality of SketchUp. In order to make component dynamic some attributes are included with the component. Attributes may contain following additional information
  •   Name of the component
  •   Component's description
  •   Component’s behavior
  •   Model number
  •   Part number
  •   Size, price and weight
  •   Spatial Relationship 
The SketchUp users can transform any SketchUp component into a dynamic component but one has to utilize SketchUp Pro 7 or advanced version. If any SketchUp user wants to generate new dynamic component, he has to apply SketchUp Pro and should be well versed with the formulas in excell.

The SketchUp users can find premade Dynamic Components in SketchUp component browser and on the 3d warehouse. The Dynamic Component for SketchUp is represented by a tiny green icon. In SketchUp component browser, select Menu and then Window and click on Components. In the 3D warehouse, select advance search and put dynamic models or use the search term “is:dynamic”. As for instance search [chair is:dynamic].

Video Tutorial :
Creating Dynamic Components -1 
Creating Dynamic Components -2
Creating Dynamic Components -3  

Dynamic Components user guide:  

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