Thursday, January 30, 2014

Now the Architects can Easily Scratch, Write, Draw, Outline and Color with the Application for the iPad – named Paper Read

Process of creating and innovating is unpredictable.  The architects are the people who create and make things better every minute in their life. They often think at their project while talking economy with you, or while eating romantic dinner with their wife, or playing hide and seek with their children.

Creative ideas are coming without asking where they are or who they are with. They just appear in their head. That’s why we recommend them to install this great solution for iPad and to have opportunity to sketch, scratch, write the everyday inspired ideas.

This is Georg Petschnigg idea developed with the company FiftyThree. The app is named simply as the product it symbolized- PAPER. This is an application developed strictly for the iPad devices which are mostly used for creations while people are doing life.

The possibilities of the PAPER are endless because of the touch screen that allows working with finger but also it has fountain pens at the app that are more precise for different kinds of needs while working.
See the video and the photos bellow and consider if you want to use it every day.

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