Thursday, September 26, 2013

Plugin : eDrawings for SketchUp

EDrawings for SketchUp is a software program developed by Geometric Ltd.. We know of versions 11.0, 8.0, 7.2, 7.1, 7.0, 6.0, 5.1. Version is available for free download at our site. EDrawings for SketchUp package has a size of 48,298,474 bytes.
As Geometric Ltd. says: Publish, share and collaborate with read-only representations of your Google SketchUp models with eDrawings.

eDrawings for Google SketchUp provides an innovative way to share your designs. You can publish your SketchUp models to eDrawings files that can be packed into a self-executable (.exe). The self-executable file contains the viewer as well as the design data.This ensures that the recipients of such a files do not need to purchase or install any viewer to see the model.

Review enabled eDrawings files allow an unlimited number of recipients to easily query product designs and provide feedback. With eDrawings, the end recipients don’t need to buy any additional software for design review, markup, measurement and dynamic cross sectioning.

eDrawings also provides you with greater control over your design information by disabling measurement and STL export as well as password protection.

Main Features :
  • View, publish and share exact read-only representations of SketchUp models for design review and collaboration.
  • Export your models to eDrawings to generate ultra compact (upto 95% compression) representations for sharing over email.
  • Add markup elements, such as geometric elements, clouds, text and dimensions to your comments using the markup tool.
  • Measure geometry. Use in-built filters for easy selection of vertices, edges, faces and holes. This option can be disabled while publishing to eDrawings.
  • View cross sections of models by creating a variety of cross section planes.
  • Password protect your eDrawings. Disable measurement and STL export of eDrawings files to protect sensitive data.
  • eDrawings offers a complete, self-contained communication tool since no other viewing software is needed.
  • eDrawings can be exported by the eDrawings Viewer as HTML/STL/BMP/JPG/TIFF files.
  • Move, Show & Hide components to understand assembly structure more quickly
  • Insert your company logos and images as stamps in the eDrawings file.
Download eDrawing [KLIK DISINI]
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